The Gothenburg Clinical Seminar
The main acitivity of the association consists in regularly performing seminars and arranging lectures on topics of importance for the clinical encounter. The association has as its goal to develop exchanges with other associations and individuals in Sweden, Scandinavia and Europé in order to discuss the clinical encounter from an international perspective. Today there is an ongoing exchange with persons and associations in Denmark, Norway, France, Italy and Sweden.

The Gothenburg Clinical Seminar is a non-profit association whose purpose is to be a forum of discussion and knowledge concerning the theory and practice of the clinical encounter. The members of the association consist primarily of clinically active psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts.

Our point of departure is that the clinical encounter has its given place in several fields and disciplins, i. e. psychoanalysis, psychiatry and medicine. Its theory and practice is also influenced by a series of closely related domains inside and outside of science, i. e. literature, art, linguistics, philosophy and politics. The task of the association is to administer, develop and extend the clinical questions and to initiate exchange around them between individuals, groups and institutions inside and outside of the borders of the country.

The Gothenburg Clinical Seminar started its seminar activities in the autumn of 2001. The title of the seminar during the two first semesters were The Name and Naming. We then continued under the title The Art of Listening. Since the autumn 2003 we no longer have a general title. Instead we have accorded to the each one who presents a speech or a project to decide the topic of the day. We arrange seminars every other week during the semesters. At least once a semester we also arrange a whole day seminar with invited guests as lecturers. Each seminar is introduced by a paper or project by one of the members or by an invited guest. The projects are followed by a discussion.

The language is either a Scandinavian one or English. Seminars and lectures are normally, if not otherwise stated, free of charge. Time and place is announced on the website under the heading AKTUELLT.

Anyone who presents a paper or a project can be a Member of the Gothenburg Clinical Seminar. In order to participate in a seminar or lecture no membership is required.